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Hodge and Wilson have told a very brave story. It is told with the clarity of an open, close friend who wants to use her story to shine a light on others' paths.
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Healing the Mother Wound within you will transform your life. You will be able to set better boundaries, establish healthier relationships, take care of your needs better, develop empathy for others, trust life more, and feel more comfortable in your skin. So share with me below: what was life like with your mother? Do you still carry unresolved pain from your childhood, or are you in the process of healing the Mother Wound? Aletheia Luna is an influential psychospiritual writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. After escaping the religious sect she was raised in, Luna experienced a profound existential crisis that led to her spiritual awakening.

As a spiritual counselor and author, Luna's mission is to help others become conscious of their entrapment and find joy, empowerment, and liberation in any circumstance. We spend hundreds of hours every month writing, editing and managing this website. If you have found any comfort, support or guidance in our work, please consider donating:. We would love to hear from you:. To customize your avatar, you can upload an image to gravatar. Receive our latest posts in your inbox! The father of these children is a sociopath, who worked very hard to destroy the mom throughout divorce, in This individual only snaps his fingers, and the kids respond.

Jealousy, self worth in a state of shambles, anguish, the lot of the darkness, fights to prevail over this otherwise strong, articulate, expressive woman. I actually recoiled at the common expectations and beliefs you listed in step no. The dream summarized my mother in one image that said everything I needed to know about her: she is utterly disappointed in me and considers me a failure.

The horrific truth is that I have subconsciously been living up to that assessment for decades. I was basking in the beauty of this article, the focus on self responsibility and forgiveness for our own sakes…so I commented before I read the other posts. Seems as though this site has a lot of people who are not ready for the deeper work yet, and that is so sad.

Yes, many of us have been deeply traumatized by the very people who should have protected and loved us. I guess I have done a lot of healing work before I found this site. I stopped going to groups where all the members talked every session about their wounds and the details of their abuse. Some of the people in the groups I attended really did not seem to want to heal, especially if it involved forgiveness. Their wounds defined them. I believe deeply that the human spirit can heal.

Emotions and mind and ego can heal. Luna, I want you to know how much I appreciate your work. I love the way you relate things but most of all I love your focus on self healing with self responsibility. Poor me. So I am blown away at the beauty of your words, that most mothers do try, and nobody can be perfect, and the patriarchal society which was even MORE patriarchal when my mother was raising children!

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Thank you again, Luna. Blessings, Shari. Hello Shari, I do applaud your attitude of having done so much healing work that you can see how the other contributors are stuck in the pain and resentment of their childhoods and it would be beter if they ould moe on to the stage of takin grepsonsbility for themselves ad make teir own happiness. But could you give some advice about how you did your healig work? I too like the approach on this site of the wise people who have come through extreme upbringings and worked on themselves to heal the wounds.

I would liek to be able to do that for myself. I do have some concept of my Mum as a human rather than a mother and I think I see her point of view and reasons for her bad behaviour. But I am still stuck, because I have failed at everything I tried to do in life and some years ago I collapsed out of anxiety and despair. I feel overwhelmed by life and seem to have no positives to balance the negatives. Nobody wants my company, which to me is a big sign of a defective or bad person. I hae tried to get help from therapists an psychics, but with one or two exceptions, they say I need testing for mental illness and personality disorder; which is far worse than anything I had thought was wrong with me.

I am so shocked, I wonder if they could be right. Jo, a psychiatrist once asked me in a Session, what would be the worst thing I could inflict towards my mother. My immediate answer was, to kill myself in front of her with a Knife. I only feel guilt, shame and resentment towards my mother, that I now project onto other women, which in turn makes it really hard for me, to create lasting relationships.

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There is this sense of futility and a always present Deathwish. I remember so little of my childhood. I know it was dysfunctional but tend to minimize the impact of that dysfunctionality. My dad worked offshore and was gone for long periods of time, for which my mom had to hold down the fort. She obviously chose me and not my brother.

May 10, 1863

I, as a child, was not prepared for this. Now, I am 52 years old and childhood trauma has been triggered by a strew of traumatic events in a 2-year span, all culminating into a very lost, very scared, and very withdrawn year-old. All my passions of acting, writing, and animal welfare advocacy seem to be gone from me. Fuck Christianity. I love this article and found it at the right time and at the right moment. It really speaks to me. I am coming to terms with the fact that I can no longer cope and need extra support. Having an absent and narcissistic mother I am determined to not repeat the same behaviours my own mother did.

I want to break the cycle. But in order to prevent these from developing further I realise from your article shadow work and forgiveness of my mother is needed. I also need to realise what she too faced as a mother in order to fully heal.

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Thank you. Now I live in a different continent as my mother and her narc family. We have little contact, last time I saw her is when I visited my hometown 4 years ago. I saw her once or twice on video call since I last visited my hometown.

Despite the commonalities, there are differences.

Sad but true Was raised by a narcissistic, clinically mother and father zero involvement despite developing close relationship with step-mother. Just opened the Pandoras box of crap, apparently.

Emotional purging for days already. There is more to come.

Out of the Ashes: A Wounded Daughter's Diary

Holy cow. Ding ding ding. Jackpot of misery and suffering. Already doing the work.. No idea what comes next.

Just… alot of reading, writing and crying for right now. My mum gave up her job when my parents adopted me, and she has always been a kind, geneorous person sometimes too much , and when something bad happens to her she regrets doing nice gestures.